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Cyber Security and Information Assurance

Protecting your customer and company information is imperative. When your company is hacked, you will have additional expenses, loss of credibility and embarrassment. Is your company focused on a strong security posture that is proactive to deter hackers?

The JoyeGroup team can assist in recommending hardware, software, and processes and procedure to strengthen your security posture. A strong security posture assists your company in being more secure and protected which means you are less likely to be hacked.

Is your company proactive in this security fight? JoyeGroup can partner with you to strengthen your security posture.

  • Does your organization know if it has been breached? JoyeGroup can perform an audit to determine if you have been breached.
  • State and Federal Laws exist that require your organization to report security breaches
  • A JoyeGroup performed security assessment will identify security positives and improvements needed for your organization to be more secure and protected.
  • JoyeGroup can help perform remediation from the assessment results to improve your companies “security posture”.
  • Does your company have needed cyber security liability insurance? JoyeGroup can help you obtain it.
  • JoyeGroup assessment and remediation work can help your company reduce its exposure to a security breach.

“There are only two types of companies: those that have been hacked, and those that will be. Even that is merging into one category: those that have been hacked and will be again"
Robert S. Mueller, III | Director | Federal Bureau of Investigation - RSA Cyber Security Conference

Case Study: Managing Multiple Internet Facing Devices

Our large manufacturing client had multiple internet facing devices at different locations which all needed to be managed separately. This situation increased their security risk and business complexity.

Solution: We worked as a team to procure, configure, and deploy Unified Threat Management (UTM) hardware. This allows for Network Address Translation (NAT), remote access, centralized integration & management, and site-to-site VPN capability.

Result: This modern perimeter protection greatly improved their security posture which reduces the risk of business loss due to malicious software or cyberattack.

Allow JoyeGroup Cyber Security Experts to perform an assessment of your cyber security posture. We will provide a written report of suggestions and meet with you to discuss the suggestions in detail. Our Cyber Security Experts can also assist you in your cyber security remediation work to provide a strong security posture.

Charles Varn at his desk his office, hands clasped, smiling at the camera

Excellent Service which is both Responsive and Proactive
The Joye Technology Group has helped our firm with important cyber security protection, implementation of security protocols and hardware / software selection and installation.  Joye Technology Group provides excellent service which is both responsive and proactive. Joye Technology functions as our trusted partner in the technology and security area. Based on our experience I highly recommend them for any business with IT needs or security concerns.

Charles Varn, Jr | Managing Member | Varn, Render, & Co. CPAs, LLC

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